Friday Fun (Self-Promotional) Link


The Art of Bleeding, a performance art-comedy-medical education troupe that I am a member of, is featured in the cover story in the Los Angeles Alternative alt-weekly this week. I am the one not wearing nurse-fetish garb in the picture up top.

The story focuses, as is proper, on the Art of Bleeding auteur Al Ridenour (a character in my book This is Burning Man which, as a work of nonfiction, is graced by real human beings as characters).

Art of Bleeding Web site here.

By the by, if you are a fan of gorgeous women in nurse fetish gear, and live in the LA metro area, you ought to pick up a paper copy of this issue–the cover shot as portrayed on the Web version is highly and regrettably cropped to cut out the three women kneeling/standing on top of me.