Starbucks in Space?


NASA and Google make nice, Starbucks in space, and more. CNET announces "Restaurant at end of universe not so far off." Read all about it.

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  1. Heck. I was hoping to be able to escape the dreaded coffee-pusher by going into space. Drat.

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  3. $200K is kind of steep; the key question is whether I’ll be able to use my frequent flyer miles from Virgin.

    I recall a while back USAir had a deal where for 10 million miles you get a ride into space; the redemption fee was $25K or something like that. As someone who has a few million extra FF miles, this is getting closer to the realm of possibility for mere sub-millionaires such as myself.

  4. You can’t excape them at the movie theatre, either, because they’ve gotten into producing movies. The first was Akeelah and the Bee, which was really good, so I can’t complain too much.

  5. The “Restaurant at end of universe” was not at the physical end of the universe, it was at the end of the time-line, at the collapse of the universe. The BBC mini-series was true to the Douglas Adams books, but the movie screwed this up. That’s why the movie could not have been made, despite several attempts, while Adams was still alive. He would not have allowed for all the liberties taken by the director and/or writer.

  6. On the contrary, slacker, there are continuity “errors” in each version (Radio Broadcast, LP recording, TV series, film, novels, comics, computer games) of 2h2g, so that not one of them can be considered “official.” Perhaps the radio version should be considered “Universe-1” and all others derivative, but as there are plot elements in at least one version that give rise to the view that none of the retellings is necessarily “correct”, my guess is that if Douglas Adams had been alive and able to write and/or vet the screenplay, it would have at least subtle differences from whatever version you consider to be authoritative.

    This is not evidence to back up my argument, but a buddy of mine and I did escort DA around our town when I was working for a local bookstore. He was on his press tour for Last Chance To See, his non-fiction book about visiting the habitats of endangered species, and was as thoroughly charming a gent as his work would lead you to believe.

    I was mortified when, stopping at a cafe inside the Marshall Field’s near our store, they served his tea in a styrene cup.


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