Crimebusting Mayor Busted for Crimes


Call off the contest for America's Worst Mayor: Frank Melton of Jackson, Miss. has just earned it.

Mayor Frank Melton, an erratic figure who took office in July 2005, does nothing by the book. Mr. Melton has disdained such basic functions as drawing up the city's budget in favor of cruising through the city's worst neighborhoods in a police department "mobile command center."

He is known for carrying two guns, wearing a police jacket and a badge, searching cars, knocking on doors and raiding nightclubs while brandishing a large stick.

Mr. Melton's activities now threaten to derail his career. Last week, he was indicted on eight charges, including burglary, malicious mischief and causing a minor to commit a felony. Prosecutors said he had illegally carried sidearms and improperly helped demolish a duplex he says was a crack house.

Note to American voters: Don't elect extras from Police Squad or Sledge Hammer and expect anything good to come of it.