Because Tim McVeigh didn't do enough for the "movement"


Kevrob discovers the brightest new star in the libertarian firmament—the long-suffering mother of Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph:

As Pat Rudolph reads those letters, she bridles at his righteous indignation. It is not her way.

His mother, who once studied to be a nun and joined with activist and pacifist Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers Party in the 1950s, now sees herself as a libertarian. She once chose the words "anarchist" to describe her views but now believes in a limited government. Her Christian faith is more spiritual than religious, more about meditation than about prayer.

And as for abortion, Eric Rudolph's mother believes the decision belongs to the woman, not to the government.

Full story, a very compelling profile of Mrs. Rudolph, here.

Virginia Postrel proves through links and ties that reading Reason is exactly the same as blowing up the Murrah federal building here.

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  1. Interestingly, Clinton’s remarks are notably similar to exhortations that I’ve heard toward Muslims in the present day. Principly, “why should we not hold you accountable, to some degree, for the truly bad people who claim ideological kinship with you, when you choose not to denounce them directly yourselves.”

    I wonder to some degree how much organizations like the Reason Foundation and even the LPs have done to recover some legitimacy for libertarian ideology by being willing to denounce the truly bad people who have claimed themselves to be libertarian. I’m not trying to sugar-coat the carving of the libertarian winglet of the Republican turkey, but we’re not considered the hair-trigger crypto-racist kookmonsters that we were in 1997.

  2. And you guys were pissed about Lynden LaDouche.

  3. Speaking of the Olympic bombings, I came up with this handy rebuttal to conservative torture supporters:

    “Do you remember Richard Jewell? The white, gun owning security guard from the South who was suspected of being the Olympic Park Bomber because he was there, and he fit the profile? What do you think the feds would have done to him with this authority?”

  4. joe,

    Exactly. I’m getting all creeped out with this talk of torture–even with due process. I heard Clinton talking about this on NPR, and he was careful to say that while there might be certain rare situations where something close to torture might be necessary, a general, blanket authorization to use torture or torture-lite is an extraordinarily bad idea. I’m with Bill on this one.

  5. To add to Joe’s comment, Richard Jewel, if tortured by the CIA could not hold the CIA accountable for their actions under the new plan.

    Torture – no accountability
    Buzzed driving – lock ’em up

    We are slowly creating a new class of American that will be immune to law.

    I really hope they don’t build that fence on the Mexican border, I may need that route to escape one day.

  6. It’s not torture, Pro Libertate. In fact, the bill specifically precludes torture.

    No no, they just want to use Alternate Interrogation Methods (A.I.M.s).

    See, when the government starts to us a T.L.A. (Three Letter Acronymn) to refer to something that is commonly understood to be horrific, that’s how you know that there isn’t anything terrifying going on at all.

  7. Truth by Optional Research Techniques Using Rationalized Equipment? Not my best work and not three letters, but it’s a Friday 🙂

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