Here Comes Da New Judge! (Saddam Trial Edition)


There's a new judge in the Saddam Hussein trial, a fellow sent in to replace the Iraqi Lance Ito, Abdullah al-Amiri, who had editorialized in court, "You were not a dictator. People around you made you (look like) a dictator."

The new judge, Mohammed al-Ureybi, immediately set a new tone by kicking Saddam, who had been acting like Charlie Manson, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Colin Ferguson rolled into one, out of the courtroom, eliciting this taunt from the former bestselling author and writer-of-books-in-blood: "Your father was a security agent!" Which falls somewhere short of Kirk to Spock: "Your father was a computer."

The bad news in all this:

"This raises alarm bells," said Michael Scharf, a professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law told The Washington Post. "It looks like the government is trying to meddle with the tribunal. This will erode the tribunal's independence and legitimacy further in the eyes of the international community and the Iraqi people."

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  1. To impress a western form of government upon a people who either lack the capacity or the wiliness to adapt to it is a complete waste of time.

    Everyone across the ideological spectrum knows this whole thing is a farce. Just take the guy out and hang him.

  2. Same as the old judge

  3. Shoulda just dropped a grenade into that hole.

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  6. it’s all for show anyway so what’s the difference. I mean when you go to the dinner theater and the lead has the flu and they substitute someone to play the part doesn’t mean the ending is going to be any different

  7. rdkraus sez….”Shoulda just dropped a grenade into that hole”

    shoulda fabricated a story (we’re talking about Bush here) that saddam was holed up in Pakistan with bin laden and said he was no longer a person that concerned us. Cheney could have accurately claimed(we’re talking about Cheney here) that there was a bin laden/saddam connection then

  8. O those crazy feds
    Can’t even get a sham trial right
    Who here is surprised?

  9. “This will erode the tribunal’s independence and legitimacy further in the eyes of the international community and the Iraqi people.”

    Oh, please.

    It’s supposed to LOOK like a newly-established government suddenly operating under the rule of law, bringing “swift justice” to a former dictator….

    …but I dont think anyone is fooled into thinking it’s anything other than a made-for-TV drama. As MeanGuy said above.

    Does anyone really think some Arab Atticus Finch is gonna pop out of the woodwork and smart-talk an acquittal?

    Actually, silly as that is, that would be kinda awesome. 🙂 Cause he’d hug his lawyer, smile and wave to the cameras, walk out the front door….

    …and be torn to shreads by mobs within 5 seconds, who would dance and piss on his bloody remains.


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