Women Don't Like Sex


. . . at least in advertising. "For female magazine readers, sex doesn't sell so much as it—bores," is the finding in a new study by researchers at the University of Florida. The researchers came to this conclusion by gauging the reactions of women looking at fashion photos in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Allure. According the press release describing the study, the researchers found:

The results were unambiguous. The more lustful the models' expressions and spare their attire, the more the women's emotional reactions revealed that they were bored or uninterested. The more the models smiled naturally and displayed a minimum of skin, the more positive the women's reactions.

They suspect that the men running the fashion companies and taking the photos are pleasing themselves rather than their customers. Women apparently prefer depictions of more "wholesome" types. Now I ask you, who could be more "wholesome" than Scarlett Johanson or Lindsay Lohan?

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  1. Uhhh, hate to be captain obvious, but the men all running the fashion industry and taking the photos are all gay.

  2. Uhhh, hate to be captain obvious, but the men all running the fashion industry and taking the photos are all gay.

  3. Josh is correct, which fact also explains why the hottest models look like emaciated 8th grade boys.

  4. Calvin Klein is gay? 🙂

    Josh and Karen, are you stereotyping? 😉

  5. Well, okay, I was stereotyping. Then again, what other explanation is there for Kate Moss being considered a raving beauty? Or even the existence of sizes 2 and 0 for adult humans?

  6. Karen – I have that theory, myself. But then, I’ve never been into skinny ladies.

  7. So, straight women are disinterested in female models dressed and posed in a sexy manner.

    Egad. My world, it is rocked.

    Next, you’re going to tell me the volleyball scene isn’t the highlight of Top Gun for straight men.

  8. Aren’t most of the models in Cosmopolitan and Vogue female? Perhaps the female students would react differently to pictures of male models. Accusations of sexism are a bit premature. I think the products in the photos, rather than sexism has more to do with the model choice. After all, what percentage of men have strong emotions when they see the models in Men’s Health?

  9. Do men really run the fashon industry? I’ve always imagined that the industry was run by women in unsensible shoes. The kind that remind you of Meryl Streep doing an impression of Cruella DeVille.

  10. Sounds like an evil conspiracy foisted on the women of America. They are bored with the pictures, yet they are forced to buy the magazines anyway.

  11. Eric the .5b:
    You mean it isn’t the man named “Stinger” saying, “I want some butts”?

    I have to say I agree with the gayification of fashion. I know it’s a stereotype but (1) isn’t there a kernal of truth to the stereotype, like a really, really salient kernal of truth?, (2) metrosexual is a play off of homosexual, not heterosexual, and (3) why is there no straight eye for the queer guy TV show?

  12. Probably because, in the past, straight eye for the queer guy events usually involved a large bonfire in which the queer guy was fuel.

    Hey don’t forget: This is the week to rally in opposition to Virginia’s consitutional regulation of marriage.

  13. VA is changing their constitution to outlaw homosexual marriages? That’s messed up.

  14. Lamar,
    There was a straight eye for the queer guy show. I think it was on Spiked! or maybe Comedy Central. It was supposed to be funny, but it kinda wasn’t beyond one or two episodes.

  15. Scarlett Johanson is a beautiful woman, but it seems to me that her breasts are too large. Works well on her dress though

  16. For female magazine readers, sex doesn’t sell so much as it—bores

    That’s why I don’t date the ones that read magazines.

  17. Next, you’re going to tell me the volleyball scene isn’t the highlight of Top Gun for straight men.

    That scene was disgusting! Those poor guys all have freakish caved-in stomachs. I have never seen the like.

  18. What? Now there’s something wrong with avoiding a date with a beautiful woman to play volleyball with a bunch of oiled-up guys?

  19. Those poor guys all have freakish caved-in stomachs.

    Heh – that observation has made my day.

  20. Those poor guys all have freakish caved-in stomachs.

    I think it was a situation where they hadnt actually dont the requisite 200,000 situps, but instead, like most dudes, overworked the guns and chest, so when it came time to oiling them down and shooting, they were asked to ‘suck it in’… much the way many men will, consciously or not, when meeting chicks on the beach…:) the director used all the shots of their intensely deflated guts… which i remember even as a kid noticing and being like, ‘that aint exactly right, dont they breathe?’… also wondering why I found the vollyball/shower scenes boring and strangely unconfortable.

    Thank you quentin for revealing the truth to all =


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