The Reagans II: This Time It's Clinton


It's usually too easy to compare one party's adherents to another and yelp "they're both the same!" But this is too easy. Three years ago Republicans complained that the miniseries "The Reagans," produced by CBS and starring James Brolin as The Man Who Loved Jelly Beans Too Much, was unfit for television; it portrayed the Gipper as less than brilliant and possessing several human flaws. (It gave us Nancy as a shrill bitch, too, but that's what you get for supporting stem cells.)

History repeats; Democrats are now hounding ABC/Disney for the upcoming telefim "The Path to 9/11," which lays some of the blame for America's faulty-pre attack intelligence on the pre-Bush Democrats, and fails to portray Bill Clinton running down terrorists and tackling them one-handed. ThinkProgress has video of a Clinton/Bush II point man slamming the movie, a "fact-check," a statement from Richard "I Failed You" Clarke, and more. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is demanding ABC review the "politicized" film before blasting it across our plasma flat-screens.

It's all pretty silly, but it's interesting which groups CBS ran to when they were catching heat, and which ones ABC is running to now. CBS didn't fight hard; after they pulled the movie, they gave the script. ABC pre-emptively handed right-wing war supporters promotional material and copies of "The Path to 9/11," and Republican-leaning blogs are loudly defending this product of the hated MSM for gratis. Hugh Hewitt had a screener; the loons at David Horowitz's New Black Panther Press FrontpageMag got an interview with the film's writer/producer.