"F Nader"


This is an old-ish story, but I hadn't seen it before— one Corvair owner's silent protest of everyone's favorite ambulance chaser is being shut down by The Man in Iowa.

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  2. There is nothing wrong with the letter F. You can even use it on free (i.e. censored) tv.

    If someone uses their imagination, then they can come up with an objectionable (to some, certainly not to me) four letter word to fit that F. But that thought doesn’t magically affix itself to the license plate, it is all in their head.

    As far as protecting the children (barf) goes, if they know the word, then they are already “corrupted”. If they don’t know the word, the letter can’t “corrupt” them. Either way, no harm no foul.

    F the thought police.

  3. F Murray Abraham

  4. In general, if Nader says it’s raining, you need to look out the window.

    With respect to the Corvair, if GM had not done it’s stupid little smear campaign and just stuck to the facts, no one would ever have heard of Nader.

  5. And the horse he rode in on.

  6. f u wish upon a star…

  7. F Reason’s H&R server.

  8. Air cooled, horizontally opposed, light, fast, nimble. Cheap.
    Neat things, corvairs. If you get to the nut of Naders, um, argument, it was tire inflation. Like the far dumber, uglier, stoopiter Ford SUV rollover argument of several years back. IE: if you drove on half flat tires, & drove it hard into a curve, they’d roll.
    A useful bit of techno Darwinism, maybe. How complicated is a tire pressure gauge? Think of all the incompetants I got to dodge on my bike today coz thier breeders wernt killed a couple decades ago.
    but they are pretty neat rigs from a wrench point of view….(well, replacin the starter on a van is a serious challenge) not Porches engines mind, a lot more lazy/primitive/cheap. But a good idea…fast lil fuckers, set up right.

  9. Iowa DOT, QQQQ

  10. F Le Mur

  11. I have a 64 Corvair in NY and I tried to get the plate UNSAFE, but was told I could not, with no reason given (and it was not already in use).

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