One Thing To Cheer About When it Comes To Politics This Fall: Inaction on Immigration


Immigration drops off the political calendar

Whole USA Today story here. Sometimes the best alternative is to do nothing, especially when most of the alternatives are really, really bad. Reason on the immigration "crisis" here.

More on the GOP's pre-election political agenda here, via a free article at the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Vote GOP or die at the hands of terrorist!!!!!

    And some people believe it.

    Maybe that Mike Judge movie is a little too real.

  2. Have you ever noticed that the news division of the Wall Street Journal always uses the term “estate tax,” while the editorial page always uses the term “death tax?”

  3. This is got to be the best news I’ve heard all summer.

  4. Let’s see now. The Republicans in the Senate can blame the House for failure to enact immigration reform. The Republicans in the House can blame the Senate. Meanwhile, employers who are unwilling to pay wages high enough to attract American workers–a key Bush constituency–keep their source of cheap and docile workers.

    Follow the money.

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