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We're a few days late to note it—blame the Space Squirrels, or maybe the Amsterdam air—but the Libertarian Futurist Society announced the winners of its annual Prometheus Awards last Friday. Best Novel went to Ken MacLeod, for Learning the World. Alan Moore and David Lloyd won the Hall of Fame Award, given to classic fiction, for their graphic novel V for Vendetta. And a special prize went to Joss Whedon's film Serenity.

Reason links: I interviewed MacLeod back in Y2K. Damon Dimmick contrasted the film version of V for Vendetta with the original comic. And Julian Sanchez reviewed Serenity last September—a piece I still haven't read, thanks to that spoiler warning at the top.

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  1. Jesse-

    That was a good interview (I read it in print way back then), and I’ve been enjoying MacLeod’s books ever since. Thanks!

  2. Speaking of Amsterdam, after their panel, I was going to ask Parker and Stone if they had any opinion on Serenity. They were asked about other Hollywood stuff that they liked/approved of, and since Serenity is sometimes called “Libertarians in Space”, it seemed that they might agree with some of the themes in the show.
    Cool thought: Parker, Stone, and Whedon collaborating on something together? Just might be more irony than anyone can handle…

  3. Ifya like scifi (I also dig the sub-genre, cyfi) andya like libertarianism, then the Libertarian Futurist Society is one sublime site!

    So Jesse, are we given to understand that you still haven’t seen Serenity?

  4. Ugh, they must really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to have given that ?? an award.

    Too much reliance on Deis ex machina, abysmal dialogue. I wanted my money back. Good TV series, horrible movie.

  5. tarran,

    The Libertarian Futurist Society didn’t give Serenity an award. They do only literary works. And I think it’s just books. Check em out!

  6. this reminds me of some vetnam vet award that went to the comic book nam rather then the movie platoon a few years back…the reasoning was that the movie platoon portrayed vets in a pretty bad light…raing and killing villagers and troops killing one another.

    I think perhaps choosing V and serenity might have been a bad idea.

    they are not the best portraits of libertarians.

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