The Democratic Blanket Party


Alabama was set to elect its first openly gay state representative this fall, after  Patricia Todd won the primary for a safe Birmingham seat the GOP wasn't even contesting. But Todd is being knocked out of the race by… quick, guess. An injunction by Roy Moore? Pat Robertson's glutamine-powered mindwaves? No, by a power broker in her own Democratic party.

On Thursday, a Democratic Party subcommittee heard a challenge to Ms.
Todd's candidacy on the ground that she had violated a rule that, by
party officials' own admission, has not been enforced in nearly 20
years. The subcommittee voted to disqualify both Ms. Todd and her
runoff opponent, a black businesswoman named Gaynell Hendricks, because
neither had complied with the rule.

When Ms. Todd and Ms. Hendricks wound up in a runoff, things got nasty,
by both sides' reckoning. Anonymous fliers circulated calling Ms. Todd
a "confessed lesbian" and applying racial slurs to Ms. Hendricks. The
two primary opponents who threw their support to Ms. Todd woke to find
signs in their yards accusing them of being "Uncle Toms," said one of
them, Charlie L. Williams.

The district's voters stood athwart this wave of bigotry and shouted "stop!" One of their fellow Democrats was shouting something else entirely.

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  1. Folks need to keep this in mind when responding to request for donations–that’s it for me this season.

  2. There is a lot of anti-gay sentiment in the black community. This has been exacerbated by the gay community using the language of the civil rights movement. Shockingly enough, people who still remember Jim Crow and are statistically one of the poorest groups in society are a little offended when a group that is predominately white, educated, and upper middle-class (gays are on average better educated and have higher incomes than the average American) expropriate the language used in the civil rights movement. An overwhelming majority of blacks in this country oppose gay marriage. Since it is Democratic dogma that black people can never be bigoted, I am not really sure what they are going to do about their gay problem. It is the same problem the Dems have with immigration; most blacks don’t support it. Right now, the Dems can take black vote for granted and sell them out for the gay and Hispanic vote because it is difficult to imagine large numbers of blacks voting Republican. If there was ever a third party that could loose the racial baggage the Republicans have and appeal to blacks, the Dems would be in a lot of trouble, as would the Republicans since they are equal sell outs when it comes to immigration.

  3. equal sell outs when it comes to immigration./i>

    So I guess sell-out means “not doing what I believe”.

    Got it.

  4. equal sell outs when it comes to immigration.

    So I guess sell-out means “not doing what I believe”.

    Got it.

  5. “when a group that is predominately white, educated, and upper middle-class (gays are on average better educated and have higher incomes than the average American)”

    Those would be “out” gays. Anonymous surveys tend to show homosexuality being fairly evenly distributed across race/class/education lines, IIRC.

  6. SR,

    True SR. But the face of the gay rights movement is overwelmingly white and upper-middle class. That perception hurts the gay rights movement in a lot of ways.

  7. “Life would be so much easier if districts would stay gerrymandered and people would vote for who they’re supposed to.”

  8. One of the lessons of the past few years, perhaps the past few decades, is that the issue of control of the government by the people is alive only in word, not even spirit.

    As we look at the strategies, and manuevers of both parties, we see a single minded focus on the attainment of power, and the right to broker said power irregardless of anything.

    Both parties engage in it. Both parties revel in it. One of the reasons that it seems so hard to make any headway toward a saner tomorrow, is the absence of any reason.

    While there are uncoutable differences within the electorate, one of the interesting things is how moderate the electorate remains. I have often said to libertarians, democrates, and republicans alike, is that it is not abortion that is at issue, it is not gun rights, but it is who rules the country. The chosen elites, or the people. One of the things that all elites agree on, whether they are editors at reason, consutlants at cato, or the heritage foundation, or the editors at the new republic, is that the people themselves must be prevented from excercising their power.

    We should be looking very carefully at the foundations that we are building for our future.

    This case is a good example. There was a case in Ohio (Mike Hacket? I believe his name was, a pro-gay marriage, pro-gun democrat vet from both Iraq wars) to cite just two examples of power on that side. But we must also look at the deliberate efforts to undermine voting in Texas via Tom Delay, and redistricting in general, and SCOTUS disgusting agreements to passively agree with both.

    Again and again the issue is not what the scream from their pulpits, but the issue is one that all elites feel comfrtable with. Americans must not, cannot, will not be allowed to choose their own destinies.

    In this, Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans are united as surely as the old Communist Party of Soviet Russia were united.

    And it is sad.

  9. [I]Well, they’ve dropped the ‘secession’ part – is that good?[/I]

    They sure haven’t!

    “The recovery of Hawaiian self-determination is not only an issue for Hawaii, but for America. … let all of us, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, work toward a common goal. Let us resolve … to advance a plan for Hawaiian sovereignty.”
    – Democratic Governor Ben Cayetano

    (Okay, so the website quotes a Republican, too, but I shan’t let such things get out of the way of an entertaining argument…)

  10. It would help if Patricia Todd looked like one of dem “lesbians” you see in the movies, instead of the real-world, Janet Reno type.


  11. News flash for Ms. Todd and Ms. Hendricks:

    The only effective long-term way to protect your civil rights is for you to protect everyone’s civil rights.

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