Iranian Doommongers Check Your Calender: It's August 23


Just sayin'. No big meaning.

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  1. Has Bernard Lewis said any thing correct about the middle east?

  2. Predictions of doom on this day are reinforced by the fact that today is also my 38th birthday.

  3. August 23rd on WHOSE calendar?

  4. Actually, Iran nuked Tel Aviv, Haifa, and the Weekly Standard’s offices last night. Those Israel-hating anti-semites in the MSM are just covering it all up in service of their Iranian paymasters.

  5. I was trying to get my ISP to answer a phone call last night.

    Does that count as a cataclysm?

  6. Praise be to Allah, and pass the camel dung please!

  7. I’m sorry, but the conservatives and neo-conservatives you are trying to reach are busy hiding in thier bunkers waiting for the foretold coming of the Apocalypse. Please try again after the Rapture.

  8. Aw, and we just renewed our hymens, too. Maybe next year 🙁

  9. August 23rd on WHOSE calendar?

    On all the calendars that have an August in them.

  10. I’ll just say this. Aug. 22 was a truly frightful day: it was my 39th birthday.

  11. What I love was how utterly mundane the Aug. 22 “response” from Iran was. Especially compared to the neocon doomsayers predicting a nuclear holocaust. We are not that far from Frontpagemag declaring that Iran is about to poison our essence through flouridation.

  12. Happy Birthday, mk! Happy Birthday, ChrisO!

  13. Just to keep things in sequence, I turn 40 next month. Please send me enough money to retire. I’m ready.

  14. dlc wrote: “We are not that far from Frontpagemag declaring that Iran is about to poison our essence through flouridation.”

    It’s my understanding that David Horowitz already denies women his essence. Or maybe it’s that women won’t accept his essence. I’m unclear on the arrow of causation.

  15. Jack: I’ve run into that conundrum pretty often myself. Let’s just say I typically end up keeping my essence to myself by mutual agreement.

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