I shouted out "Who killed JonBenet?" when after all it was Donald Rumsfeld and/or Ehud Olmert


We all suspect John Mark Karr's confession in the JonBenet Ramsey murder must be tied in to the wars in Iraq and Lebanon, don't we? At Ground Zero in Boulder, local resident Seth Brigham advances disturbing new evidence of the tragic connections:

Is Karr's confession all a hoax? I think the American people are having a hard time stomaching him as the killer because it would be such a drag to think that the parents were innocent all this time we've been vilifying them. I have a special reason of my own: For years I've been trying to start a rumor that JonBenet is still alive, and is now playing Hermione in the Harry Potter movies under an alias. While I've had a few nibbles from gullible people in conversations, I've never gotten true rumor-making success, where the rumor comes back to me through some third party. But we live in hope.

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media continue to ignore Steve Lightfoot's Stephen-King-killed-John-Lennon theory. But the truth will come out someday…

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  1. I find it so conveeeeeenient that the JonBenet case should come out now when Bush’s poll numbers are so low. Just like it was so conveeeenient when we killed Zarqawi at that moment, and when Bin Laden made a tape, and when we caught Saddam at just that moment, and when the World Trade Center fell and …..what the hell am I talking about again?

  2. Around 1990, I worked with Steve Lightfoot at a restaurant in Santa Rosa. He didn’t seem that nutty.

  3. Has anyone questioned Dick Cheney’s about his whereabouts on the day in question?

  4. Real Bill: “Around 1990, I worked with Steve Lightfoot at a restaurant in Santa Rosa. He didn’t seem that nutty.

    Was you 9 and wearing a skirt?

  5. What does the sign have to do with it?

  6. I want to see the DNA evidence. If the media is to be believed (granted a big if), this clown said that he picked her up from school (impossible since she was murdered on Christmas night) and his x-wife swears that they were both in Alabama on that Christmas. Maybe the ex wife is lying to cover up for him but it seems unlikely that she would lie to save her pedophile, child murdering ex-husband. Also, since the murder was on Christmas Day, it is unlikely she is misremembering. You usually can remember where you were on Christmas of any given year.

    The police say that his confession had information that only the killer would know. Well maybe or maybe not. Who is to say what information is really out there? I think it is at least plausible that the ex-wife is telling the truth and this guy is innocent. The guy knew the family in Atlanta. It is possible that after the girl was murdered he became obsessed with the case and spent a few years trolling the internet about the case and collected a lot of details about it. Meanwhile, he is wanted in California for child porn and gets nailed on a sex offense in Thailand. After he is arrested in Thailand, he figures he is screwed anyway, so he decided that if he was going down, he would at least be famous so he confesses to one of the most famous unsolved murders in the world. A case by the way, he had a tangential connection to and had been obsessed with for years. Since he had spent years obsessing over the victim and the case, he is able to make a pretty convincing confession.

    Clearly this guy is a freak of the first order, but I am not convinced he really did it. Let’s wait for the DNA, find out everything we can from the guy and then let a lifer shank him and jail for being a pedophile freak.

  7. Obsessions and craving for celebrity aside, John, I think if I was arrested for some serious offense in Thailand, and then found myself being interrogated about a murder in the US — one for which I knew I had an airtight alibi — I might very well confess to the murder just to get extradited the hell out of Thailand.

    I think it’s enormously unlikely that he did it. I guess it’s possible that he knows/has been in contact with the person who really did it, and that would be why the cops would like to have him in custody.

  8. The real question, which no one has dared ask until now, is: Will the John Mark Karr mask be ready in time for Halloween?

    On another note, pedophiles do have an online community of anonymous communication, about which the NYT ran an article yesterday. Could it be that Karr learned the details from the actual killer?

    Another possibility: Karr’s psychosis allows his fantasies, recollections and obsessive thoughts to bleed into one another. Maybe he killed another girl, but has placed himself at the scene of a different, more newsy, homicide.

  9. Whoever did it was in the circle of Ramsey’s friends or acquaintances. There was a ransom note left behind that demanded $118,000 dollars. Not 120k, 200k, or 150k. That was the exact amount of John Ramsey’s Christmas bonus check. The killer was close enough to know exactly how much that bonus check was. So they either saw it or heard about it.

    Why would someone only want your Christmas bonus if your worth alot more? Unless they really didn’t want to break the family finances. That demonstrates some care or concern for the Ramsey’s financial well being. The note also mentions John’s “southern” common sense.

    I doubt this Kerr guy was ever close enough to the family, to know personal information about John, and the amount his Christmas bonus check. They haven’t figured out if Kerr was in the state at the time of the murder.

    I think this Kerr guy is so obsessed with the case that he wants his legacy attached to that of Jon Bonet’s.

  10. Umbriel,

    I never thought about the “I want the hell out of Thai jail” angle. That is a good point. I can’t imagine life would be too pleasent for an American in a Thai jail.

    A friend of mine made a good point regarding the parents’ bizare behavior. I never could figure out why on earth innocent parents would call their lawyer before they call the police. It maybe that the Ramseys are entirely innocent of killing their daughter but were involved in some other illegal activity. Suppose there is evidence of their criminal activity (what I don’t know) all over their house and their daughter happens to be murdered in a completely unrelated incident. What do you do? You call your lawyer and figure out what is really incriminating and what you can or should destroy before you call the cops. That is the only plausable explanation I have ever heard that sqauered the Ramsey’s innocence of the murder with their behavior.

  11. Did anyone do any homework before the taxpayers paid for his and escorts flight to and from Thailand? It gets harder and harder to separate drama from reality anymore.

  12. Maybe they just really hate cops.

  13. Mediageek,

    Most people who found their daughter murdered in the basement would go bannanas and be so far up the cops ass trying to get them to find who did it, they would have to be surgically removed. You have some serious balls of steel to find your daughter murdered and think to call you lawyer before you call the cops.

  14. Anybody who doesn’t see the hand of Mossad in this isn’t looking at the right evidence.

  15. Joe:

    It’s the Knights Templar, I tell you.

    You gotta keep your conspiracies straight.

  16. If you rearange the letters in Knights 9/11 Templar the right way, you’ll come up with a something written backwards in Hebrew (leave the vowels out), and you’ll see what I’m getting at. You have to look just a bit deeper than the surface Bush appearance of things. I’ve encoded a secret message Ossama in this post. See if you can find it.

  17. OH!

    Right. So it was the Bavarian Illuminati all along!

  18. You’re on the righ track, Aresen, but I suspect the Bavarian part is a ruse to throw us off.

  19. I got your attention, didn’t I.
    Now think a little.
    He, Karr, is innocent. All a waste of time while we should stop killing in Iraq and Lebanon.
    Who’s the biggest liar? Bush or Karr?
    Or Sandrock? Or Cheney?
    Me? I just try to ask a few questions.
    Motivation of the media?
    Propoganda to all is phony.

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