Mexicans And Other Terrorists


Remember the Democratic web ad that included border-jumpin' Mes'kins in a montage of hreats to the safety of you and your family? Incredibly, some Hispanic groups took exception to it.

"This is the same kind of fear mongering we condemn in the extreme media and now we are seeing it at the DSCC," said Lisa Navarrete, spokeswoman for the National Council of La Raza. "It's appalling."

The list of complainers is actually pretty short; La Raza's a big deal, but the "Republican National Hispanic Assembly" probably doesn't need much of a push to get offended by Democrats.

Here's the funny part—the AP's Suzanne Gamboa actually pressed the aggreived parties on whether they can prove the border-jumpers in the ad are Hispanic, and writes that "the faces of the people climbing over the fence are not clearly visible." This is true, and someone could argue that the Democrats are making the "al Qaeda are crossing the Mexican border because trekking across a blazing desert is so much easier than overstaying a student visa" argument. Someone could argue that, if the ad didn't scream "millions more illegal immigrants." Someone can do a head count, but I don't think the Bush administration has let in millions of illegals from Saudi Arabia and UAE.