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The picture on the right is a screenshot from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's new web ad, "Secure." The group headed by Chuck Schumer is attempting a flanking play against the GOP, trying to use the UK airplane plot to their advantage instead of watching Karl Rove morph (for example) Bob Casey into Osama bin Laden. So… what is the footage of Mexicans jumping over a border wall doing there? Are the Democrats going to run on the Tancredo "al Qaeda is crossing the Rio Grande!" theory?

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  1. Wisconsin leans Democratic. Wisconsin’s economy is heavily based on cheese-making. Illegal immigrants bring illegal cheese into the country (as discussed two posts down). There’s your answer.

  2. Yeah, I went to Wisconson once… in January. Didn’t see throngs of Mexicans running around. Of course its hard to tell with the 17 layers of clothing required there in January.

  3. From the title of the thread I thought it was going to be a Chuck Norris thread.

  4. There are multiple links between leaders of the DemocraticParty and the MexicanGovernment, so perhaps they could start by purging the FifthColumnists from their ranks.

  5. Zarkawi heard that Chuck Noris was coming to Iraq, and he cut of his OWN head, to avoid Chuck.

    That is the real story Dr T. The 500lb bomb thing was a cover story, because Chuck Norris is considered a WMD by the Geneva convention.

  6. kwais-

    Well, it took Chuck Norris long enough. Jack Bauer could have taken care of Zarqawi within 24 hours of Zarqawi’s first attack.

  7. That’s it. The Dems have finally lost their fucking minds.

    “Look, somebody got killed in a Volvo! You should buy our sub-compact.”

    It’s Marketing 101 — you don’t challenge an incumbent on their home territory. It doesn’t matter that the GOP has done a poor job with security; they are perceived as stronger and the Democrats are just banging their heads against a wall trying to convince voters that they’re wrong. The winning strategy would be to claim that the Republicans have gone overboard — arresting innocent people, wire-tapping phones, &c.

  8. This ad is for Wisconsin? Did they scrub the ad from their site already? There is no Wisconsin ad clip on their video page.

    Shockingly, their “search” function is useless and under construction. Has anyone put it up on YouTube yet?

  9. Nevermind. Found it here.

    Having watched it, the problem isn’t in pointing out the difference between actions and rhetoric of the Republicans. It still leaves you wondering if the Democrats are claiming they’ll be better or that Republicans just haven’t gone far enough. Neither of which exactly seems like a winner.

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