"You, put your yarmulke on and celebrate."


Their talking heads can (and will) say very stupid things, but let's give respect where due to Fox News' political reporters. Some of them caught once-and-former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)'s entourage engaging in thuggish anti-Semitism at her election night party on Tuesday.

Side note: I'm by no means an experienced political reporter, but I've spent time on the trail and at election parties with congressmen and senators. I've never seen an entourage the size of McKinney's for anyone not in party leadership. The woman's a self-obsessed loon.

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  1. Wait, the important quote is “You wanna know what led to the loss? Israel . . . Zionists. You, put your yarmulke on and celebrate.”

    We all know that being anti-Zionist isn’t the same as being anti-Semitic. If Israel can (possibly) have masterminded the 9/11 attack, it can sure as hell have torpedoed McKinney’s campaign. Okay, maybe the yarmulke reference is suspect, but lots of Zionists probably wear yarmulkes.

  2. Those bodyguards look familiar.
    Do they moonlight for Mike Tyson?

  3. Granted, anti-Zionism (or even anti-Israelism) isn’t anti-Semitic, but please cut the crap about Israel masterminding 9/11.

  4. You really got something there Joe. In fact I’ve read today that the foiled airline bombing plot was perpetrated by a cabal of International Zionist bankers, who all happen to wear yarmulkes and have a rather ethnic, big-nosed look. This really top-notch investigative reporter named Alex Jones just wrote about it.

  5. I suppose we must excuse her like a child. She has shown her own ass. That’s ugly enough. Such are the fringes of freedom.

  6. If Israel can (possibly) have masterminded the 9/11 attack, it can sure as hell have torpedoed McKinney’s campaign.

    And if it at all possibly could have done that, it could easily have caused my breaks to crap out last week.

    So, I mean, not to be anti-Semitic, but the woman does have a point.

  7. Coupla things:

    1. These were McKinney.. supporters? staffers? ..at her campaign-night event, not McKinney herself.

    2. I’m not sold on passing judgement on the basis of a network TV news spot’s characterization of the New Panthers as part of McKinney’s “entourage”. It’s a convenient word to use when you’ve got some tasty video, a tight deadline, and you don’t have time to find out who the people were.

    Were they part of her regular Congressional or district staff? That would be bad. Part of her paid campaign staff? Yeah, bad. Volunteers brought on by the local campaign people? Ehh. Who does background checks on people who offer to knock on doors for free?

    I’ll say one thing about McKinney and her actual staff. They sure aren’t very good at image control.

  8. I suppose we must excuse her like a child. She has shown her own ass. That’s ugly enough.

    No worse than her face, though.


  9. In a similar story………

    (California) Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, assessing the election-year implications of a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, said Thursday that he didn’t want to provide fodder to CRACKERS in San Diego.

    Then when his black secretary gets frustrated with all the phone calls she raises her voice and huffilly tells a caller that she doesn’t know what YOU PEOPLE want, the man issued a heartfelt apology

    Rumor has it that Amazon has been flooded with orders for boxes of crackers with a Sacramento delivery address.

  10. Back to McKinney, please. I need this time to shake my head and say, “what a dumb f’ing lady.” Sure, maybe she just had some image control problems. But maybe her staffers just had too much crazy to handle.

  11. History repeats itself:

    That is McKinney’s explanation for her 2002 primary defeat, and she is sticking to it. But there are other explanations. Her father, Georgia state legislator Billy McKinney, shared his version with an Atlanta television reporter on August 19, 2002, the night before she lost. The reporter had asked Billy McKinney about his daughter’s use of a years-old, moth-balled endorsement from former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young. Such endorsements were worthless, the elder McKinney replied, because “Jews have bought everybody. Jews.” In case the reporter didn’t understand, he spelled the word: “J-E-W-S.” (A few weeks later, in a runoff against a political neophyte, Billy McKinney became a former Georgia state legislator.)


  12. Did I miss something? I think the same guy was the one who said the anti-(zionist/jewish) comments. Cynthia said something about praying for someone, and it almost looked like she was trying to keep him in line.

    Does it suprise you that someone who voluteers for a political campaign is a bit wacko?

  13. Wait……I thought OUR government blew up the WTC. Now Joe says it may have been those got dam Jews?

    Only two kind of Jews you know. Dam Jews and Got Dam Jews.

    Let me put it this way, if I gotta be in a bar fight in a bad part of town, I want the Israelis at my back. You guys can have everyone else. Because nobody will ever get 100 Jews in a VolksHole again.

  14. The New Black Panthers? Who are these guys? Never heard of them . . .

    Their website isn’t too helpful.

    This, however, is interesting.

  15. From the Black Panther News Alert linked above:

    “However, the Party understood that the gun was not necessarily revolutionary, for the police and all other oppressive forces had guns. It was the ideology behind the gun that determined its nature.”

    That’s actually profound. Maybe someone could forward a copy to Sen. Zell “All Good Things Flow From the Barrel of a Gun” Miller.

  16. I agree that there is a difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, but this seems to be a clear case of both. These folks didn’t bother to find out whether or not the Jewish folk around them were Zionists–the mere presence of Jews, or people they thought were Jews, caused them to launch these invectives. (And why bring up such subjects in a Georgia primary election? Doesn’t seem like something you would do if your opposition to Zionism was the result of a sober consideration of the issues as opposed to the result of something more akin to hatred.) The underlying assumption seems to be that an old Jew is a Zionist, and thus the distinction between the two collapses in this case.

  17. How serious can they be?
    Their email account is AOL.

  18. I also rig every Oscar night and steal bamboo right out of the paws of adorable little panda bear cubs.

  19. Of course, you all realize that I was joking.

  20. Please kill the panda cubs.

    Any species that won’t procreate without being coerced deserves to be extinct.

  21. They had to form a new Black Panther party because all of the old guys are dead or in jail.

  22. Joe: Three times I tried to post a “I think Joe was being sarcastic” paragraph but the *(#$&*& squirrels ate every one of them and then I thought hellwidit, people will realize that in a minute. I’ve never known you to be a wild theory fancier (except for the one about the Democratic party having a plan to combat Islamic terrorism, of course).

    I too noticed the HUGE phalanx of people surrounding McKinney everywhere she went, and the way she was holding on to some guy’s arm at every moment as if she couldn’t walk anywhere by herself. And did ya’ll see one of her staffers/volunteers/thugs yelling about how they got their Uncle Tom? Cos any black guy who dares to run against Cynthia is, obviously, a traitor to his race.


  23. And also, International Jewish Conspiracy: I submitted my application (and the $10.00 fee) for the Gentile Order of Israeli Stooges (GOIS) weeks ago, and I haven’t heard from anyone. I have been a dutiful tool of the Zionists for years now and the least you people could do is send me the damn membership card.

  24. Dear Stubby,

    I am sincerely sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with the ordering process. Perhaps our hotmail address is to blame.

    Rest assured that the International Jewish Conspiracy (TM) is doing everything it can to serve you better.

    Yours in Yahweh,
    The International Jewish Conspiracy

  25. Fox News is clearly being anti-semetic in pronouncing “anti-semitic” “AN-tee-suh-MET-ic”, which is a veiled street reference to the fact that Jews are overrepresnted among doctors (“medics”). And stereotypes (aka, adjectives used to describe more than one person) are always racist.

  26. I’ll say it again after watching the video a few more times:

    Only one guy was responsible for the anti-semetic remarks.

    Now you could argue that Cynthia should have clearly rebuked him, but I imagine she just wanted to get the hell out of there. So where’s the story? One campaign volunteer from a nutty organization said some offensive things.

  27. Hey, here’s a conspiracy theory for you (whether the Zionists are involved, I don’t know) This latest terrorist plot is a sham to detract attantion from Israel’s assault on Lebanon (Okay, I guess the Zionists are involved) Or it’s a CNN plot. CNN can only go so far in ratings with only one breaking news story. Maybe Israel controls CNN Either way, it’s plausible, isn’t it? I mean on a plausibility scale of 1 to ten, it’s a least a 7. I’m going to look for evidence. I’ll get back to you.

  28. Hmmm?so the diabolical ?Lobby? spent money and time to bring down ?I don?t need no stinkin? Lapel pin? McKinney, but they couldn?t save Lieberman? I guess with orchestrating terrorist plots, ethnic cleansing Lebanon, and targeting Mel Gibson, they lost perspective on what?s really important.

  29. Found it! This isn’t specifically about this terrorist plot, but it provides a thread.


  30. Only one guy was responsible for the anti-semetic remarks.

    One guy was responsible for about 90% of the most clearly audible antisemitic remarks, but there were some other antisemtic or racist remarks from 2 or 3 other people, so it wasn’t entirely one bad apple.

    Still, it doesn’t matter for a couple more years now.

  31. jasno: “One campaign volunteer from a nutty organization said some offensive things.”

    Where did you get the information that the person was a campaign volunteer?

  32. Two years ago a guy came through my lab interviewing for a postdoctoral position. He was coming from DC, so I asked him how he liked it, “too many black people”. He was going to get the job until I let my boss in on the comment. I can’t imagine knowingly employing bigots if you weren’t one yourself.

    I doubt this was McKinney’s first clue some of her staff were bigots.

  33. pigwiggle,

    Would his bigotry have had any effect on his work? Replace “bigot” with “gay person” and re-evaluate your tolerantness.

    Disclaimer: of course if it’s a private organization they can employ whoever they want, etc.

  34. Replace “bigot” with “gay person” and re-evaluate your tolerantness.

    I don’t think it works to replace an inherently negative noun with a neutral one and then suggest the situations are alike. I mean, you’re not suggesting that being a gay person is anything like being a bigot, are you?

  35. crimethink-

    First, it is a university lab funded entirely with public funds (military, NIH, NSF, etc.), but bigot isn?t a protected class so I think my boss is clear. And personally I think it is a perfectly good reason not to hire someone. Let say it doesn?t affect his job, although there were a few black folks in the lab, also some Koreans (he was Chinese); fuck him, he?s an asshat. I?m not one to try and draw moral parallels or equivocate. After all, morality is ultimately subjective.

  36. If I join the Zionist Conspiracy, do I get a decoder ring? How about a cool hat, like the ones the Shriners wear?

  37. those comments didn’t sound very anti-semetic to me. any reference to israel or zionism is anti-semetic? i didn’t hear any mention of 9/11.
    how come theres no outrage when foxnews suggests that latino-american babies are threatening to destroy america?

  38. Fox News is clearly being anti-semetic in pronouncing “anti-semitic” “AN-tee-suh-MET-ic”, which is a veiled street reference to the fact that Jews are overrepresnted among doctors (“medics”).

    Either pronunciation is correct in American English. Also, it’s “me-dik” not “me-tik”. Besides I’ve never heard that the jews were taking over the medical profession. I’ve heard of money, law and Hollywood, but never medicine.

  39. I think the song she sings along to is a recording by a Jewish chick

  40. Friggen liberal les wrote:

    I mean, you’re not suggesting that being a gay person is anything like being a bigot, are you?

    I don’t know those fags can be pretty mean when they want to be.

    One asked my why strieght men have no sense of humor and I replied, “I don’t know, Why do gay men act so british?”

    and he didn’t laugh…what the fuck?

  41. Mckinney better watch her Ps and Qs, lest she find herself entangled in a corrupt jewdiciary system. And whats with the AOL crack? What ISP does your racist white cracker ass suggest, Jewno?

  42. And whats with the AOL crack?
    An AOL address is the equivalent of having your main phone number ring to a pre-paid cell phone. wehatejews@aol.com looks less legitimate than racistinfo@wehatejews.com. If that’s possible.

  43. I was just setting up my Juno joke…

    In all seriousness (uh oh, here it comes again) I have to question her patriotism. I bet she doesn’t even celebrate 4th of Jewly.

    And she probably pronounces the bangles she wears on her neck and ears as jurery.

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