The Horror of Ted Stevens


From Boing Boing comes this link to this masterpiece of photo and audio editing—the trailer for the horror movie "Pulse," which is about e-mail ghosts (or somethings), turned into a movie about Ted Stevens.

Easily the best YTMND since "Chocolate City."

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  1. Wow, The Ring 3 already?

    I think a Ted Stevens vehicle would actually be an improvement on that movie.

  2. This confirms my suspicion that the remake of the Kiyoshi Kurosawa film will be skippable.

  3. From the Wikipedia entry on Ted Stevens:

    Stevens is the focus of the Ted Stevens Foundation, a charity established to “assist in educating and informing the public about the career of Senator Ted Stevens.” Tim McKeever, who is chairman of the Foundation and is a lobbyist who was treasurer of Stevens’s campaign, has said that the charity is “nonpartisan and nonpolitical.”

    What the hell?

  4. Well, at least he didn’t name a bridge after himself (or someone who happened to have the same name as him).

  5. Dave, shouldn’t that be, “The Whore that is Ted Stevens?

  6. That was funny, but it was too hard to understand what Stevens was saying, his voice was synthesized too much.

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