Fight the Real Enemy


I'm always disappointed when I miss moments like this and have to rely on Media Matters for recaps. Nonetheless, here's Fox News Live host Page Hopkins asking the most constructive question imaginable about the conflict in Lebanon: Dude, what's up with those smelly French people?

We thought they were gone, but the so-called "Axis of Weasels" appears to be back. Why do they see this conflict in such a different way?

Our European allies seem to be splitting along some of the same lines as they did in the Iraq conflict. Does—does this tell us that there is a permanent change in our diplomatic landscape, in terms of who we can count on and who we can't?

The "Axis of Weasels" was the New York Post's name for France and Germany for "wimping out" and not joining the glorious invasion of Iraq. I suppose you have to be a true believer—or at least someone interested in NewsCorp synergy (it owns the Post and Fox News)—to still think France and Germany got the raw end of what happened in March 2003.