Naveed Haq, the alleged shooter and murderer in the Seattle Jewish Federation episode, is still springing surprises. The self-described Muslim-American fanatic was baptized as a Christian in December:

Last winter, Haq began attending a weekly men's group meeting at the home of a men's ministry leader with the Word of Faith Center, a non-denominational, evangelical church in Kennewick.

The group's leader, Albert Montelongo, said Haq started studying the Bible. In December, he was baptized by Montelongo. The ceremony brought tears to Haq's eyes, Montelongo said.

He said Haq appeared to accept his new faith, though he knew that he would be offending his own family and its deeply rooted culture. His father, Mian Haq, was among the founders of the Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities in Richland, a place of worship for about 300 Muslims.

Catholic chauvinism colors all my perceptions of such things, so I keep thinking if this guy had gone through the full RCIA steeplechase instead of some swimming-pool-Jesus treatment with a bunch of schismatics, he would right now be eating soggy donuts at the CYO rather than awaiting arraignment on a murder charge. But then, what business does a guy with a name like Albert Montelongo have leaving the church of Rome? Just a few of the many ethnofaithoislamochristofascisto conundrums that we must grapple with in this mixed-up, shook-up, hill-of-beans world.

And one piece of housekeeping: In our previous discussion of Haq, commenter John blatantly stole a joke from Steve Sailer. It was a funny joke, and there isn't really any rule about this stuff, but please credit any jokes less than a week old.