Is the South Dakota Abortion Ban Deader than Wood?


South Dakota's draconian abortion ban (first covered by Ronald Bailey here) is trailing in the polls.

According to the statewide poll, conducted for the Argus Leader and KELO-TV in Sioux Falls, 47 percent of voters polled would vote to reject the ban, compared with 39 percent who would vote to keep it. Another 14 percent were undecided.

Support for the current form of the abortion ban came equally from men and women and matched the statewide 39 percent. The political breakdown showed only 23 percent of Democrats support the proposed law, while 51 percent of Republicans and 43 percent of independents back it.

A solid majority (59 percent) would support an abortion ban with some exceptions, but if abortion rights activists are as organized as they claim to be, this law that prevents even a raped or underaged women from terminating her pregnancy is screwed.