Reason Happy Hour: And You Were There!


Thanks to a confluence of events—co-scheduling with America's Future Foundation, plugs on Wonkette, a butterfly flapping its wings halfway across the world—yesterday's Reason Happy Hour broke all attendance records. It was so popular that I hesitate to write snarky captions for these photos only to later discover that I just portrayed the programming director at ABC News or something as a red-eyed tail-chaser. But without further ado. If you're portrayed here and not mentioned in the caption, email dweigel at reason dot com.

One of our models showcases the new Reason T-shirts, constructed from breathable black cotton fibers that scientists have dubbed "Gillespiewear."

More below the fold.

Jeremy Lott, Doublethink Editor David Skinner, and Investor's Business Daily journo Sean Higgins hold court in the sofa room.

Sasha Volokh composes a poem on the spot for Ronald Bailey.

Drinkers crowd onto the 18th Street Lounge's veranda as, apparently, a nuclear weapon detonates.

To The People blogger Baylen Linnekin recovers from last night's blog party by… well, by partying.

Some people discuss some things. (I'm not good with names.)

Matthew Continetti and J. Peter Freire try to bring new Reason Associate Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward into the neocon fold.

Matthew Yglesias, Will Wilkinson and Justin Logan brainstorm ways to turn America over to the terrorists.

And a hundred Hit and Run commenters' hearts break into pieces.

After dousing myself in sweat, I discuss Michael Steele's amazing campaign skills with David Mark.

Chris Lehmann and Reason Web Editor Tim Cavanaugh ask the age-old question: "What the hell is that?"

Nick Gillespie re-enacts great moments from the lives of English kings with John Tabin.

Victoria Kurzweg is temporarily stunned by the charm of AFF's David Kirby.