Walker-Bovard-Gottfried: And You Were There!


Reason Managing Editor Jesse Walker participated (as hyped) in a thoughtful debate on government and liberty in Clarendon, Virginia yesterday, alongside author James Bovard and paleoconservative Prof. Paul Gottfried. The rooftop-at-nightfall made for some atrocious lighting, but a few pictures survived. (Unlike this week's earlier recap, captions are beneath the photos.) As before, post recaps in the comments or email photos if you were there.

Jesse laughs along with one of James Bovard's gut-busters about Americans' willful subjection to tyranny.

Paul Gottfried rhapsodises on how much better everything was 50 years ago.

Another view of the debate.

Tim Carney asks a question as Jeremy Lott contemplates the universe.

Dave Weigel asks Team America's Marcus Epstein what he did to defend the border today.