Jon Kyl and Rob Portman, in tights! Ron Paul barely a pal at all…


The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has released its annual rating of taxpayer friendliness in both houses of Congress, and the results are daunting. CCAGW measures lawmakers' votes on a list of budget-busting bills (24 variables for the Senate, 34 for the House), and assigns a percentage ranking based on their votes.

Sen. Jon Kyl's 100-percent ranking makes him the only Taxpayer Superhero in the world's greatest deliberative body and massage parlor. The House has almost enough superheroes to make up a Justice League, with Reps. Rob Portman (R-OH), Edward Royce (R-CA), and John Campbell (R-CA) all getting 100s.

Last place in the Senate is a seven-way tie at 4 percent, while Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) cleans up the House all alone, with a total of zero percent. Reason hero of freedom Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) scores an unimpressive 69 percent, putting him in the "Friendly" category.

More details from CCAGW:

The entire House had an average of 45 percent, a 6 point increase over 2004. House Republicans averaged 73 percent; House Democrats averaged 13 percent. The entire Senate had an average of 46 percent also a 6 point increase over 2004. Senate Republicans averaged 68 percent; Senate Democrats averaged 18 percent…

The total number of Heroes and Super Heroes in the House dropped from 59 in 2004 to 52 in 2005. The number of Heroes and Super Heroes in the Senate remained the same at 10.