Is The Man Show poised for a comeback? Malkin limbers up on the trampoline


Nick Gillespie ogles a video more terrifying than anything coming out of Lebanon: South Jersey's own beaner-bashing bigmouth skips rope, jumps on a trampoline, and shows off her Lurch-like moves on a Dance Dance Revolution machine. (All barefoot! In shorts! Totally hot!) It's Michelle Malkin, unplugged, unhinged, and unhappy with the envirokooks who got hoodwinked by the World Jump Day hoax. Malkin's a bit long in the tooth to take over the Debbie/Lisa/Elizabeth seat on The View, so I'm not sure this audition video will get her very far, but I'll bet you can't find half a dozen other immigrant-hating concentration camp lovers who look this well during a thighs-and-buns workout.

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  1. Does anyone else notice that she talks out of the side of her mouth like Popeye?

  2. That clip is tremendously boring.






  4. Is this some kind of trick to get people to visit Nick over at the shithole that is Wonkette’s blog?

    I don’t think trying to entice people by offering up
    Michelle Malkin’s “sexy” home excersize video clips is really the best way to go about that….

    Now a vid of Malkin being impaled or beaten to a bloody pulp — now that would draw real interest

  5. World Jump Day sounds like the time when Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies tried to get the Pentagon to levitate.

  6. Shhhh! I’m trying to balance an egg.

  7. I just found Tim’s list of alliterations he’s dying to get a chance to use.

    beaner-bashing bigmouth [check]
    hymie-hating ho
    spic-spanking spendthrift
    n*****-nabbing narcissist

    Keep elevating the debate Tim!

  8. Continuing in my quest to expose myself as the biggest dork on planet earth, I hereby confess to being turned on by Malkin’s feet.

  9. Warren,

    I’m with you. This video’s evidence Malkin would have made a great Juggy Girl — minus the juggies, of course — on “The Man Show”.

  10. Warren:
    You have to admit she is not a bad looking women and nice legs too. Besides my computer doesn’t get sound so what she was saying was irrelevant.

  11. AC,

    What she was saying is even more irrelevant with sound.

  12. My computer opened 25+ windows when i followed the link to wonkette.

    Did this happen to anyone else?

  13. I have to confess that the video was not nearly as titillating as I was hoping.

    Less talky, more jumpy.

  14. You know, she’s actually kind of cute.

  15. It’s too bad that she’s so filled with bile towards anyone who had the poor taste to be born elsewhere than in the good ol’ US of A, and then had the temerity to try to insinuate themselves into our country.

  16. I must say, Malkin was a bit out of breath for only jumping a rope 4 or 5 times.

  17. I must say, Malkin was a bit out of breath for only jumping a rope 4 or 5 times.

    For me, that was the best part.

  18. Who is Michelle Malkin? …and why should I care about what she thinks?

  19. I think Malkin should change careers and do a science show. She actually seemed to enjoy explaining why everybody jumping in the air at once wouldn’t affect the earth’s orbit. Sure, she repeated somebody else’s explanation, but she seemed to genuinely enjoy doing this little gag.

  20. If Michelle Malkin garners too many admirers, you clowns at Reason can always accuse her of driving bull dykes to suicide again (snicker).

  21. If Michelle Malkin garners too many admirers, you clowns at Reason can always accuse her of driving bull dykes to suicide again (snicker).

  22. thoreau,

    New on The Discovery Channel, I’m Malkin about Science

  23. Unlike Coulter, Malkin’s actually kind of hot (if you ignore what she has to say, then you realize she’s batshit crazy).

  24. I half expected to see her doing karaoke…

  25. Say what you like about Malkin’s politics, I would totally, totally do her.

    So would you.

  26. I would like to see a TV show where Malkin teams up with two other hot girls in a three-way lesbian relationship. I would call it Malkin in the Middle.

  27. Get back to me when you find a cheesy animated gif of her humping a rug.

    I betcha she has a hairy back like our friend here.

  28. ‘…who look this well’? It’s ‘good,’ of course. It should be ‘immigrant-hating concentration camp lovers who look this good’.

    Of course, that’s all well and good…


  29. PL-

    I actually like that idea. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself and having fun. She should totally find a career that involves less vitriol and more fun.

    I actually think it would be fun to devise science demos and have her present them. Seriously.

  30. Sure, thoreau, why not? We need more science shows. Maybe we could hook her up with Bill Nye? Mixing sexual tension and science! Just like the old Thomas Dolby video 🙂

  31. SCIENCE!!!


  32. Nice to see the people that read REASON still have no problem attacking and degrading a woman who tries to express her self.

    Every one on here had no problem actually doing what they accuse MM of being guilty of doing.

    So as far as you guys are saying it?s OK to attack and degrade her on her appearance…Calling someone gay is still an insult because you think you are superior to all non-white…non-male…non heterosexual people….

    REASON is supposed to represent the critical thinking part of media that has been forgotten by the main stream but it seem to have been hijacked like all good things eventually are by self hating liberal scum…with the usual phony college kid intelligence?the kind that sit around tut?tutting everyone they disagree with?attacking and degrading the way they look, talk and speak but cannot for some reason string together a coherent argument to counter the person they disagree with.

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