Is The Man Show poised for a comeback? Malkin limbers up on the trampoline


Nick Gillespie ogles a video more terrifying than anything coming out of Lebanon: South Jersey's own beaner-bashing bigmouth skips rope, jumps on a trampoline, and shows off her Lurch-like moves on a Dance Dance Revolution machine. (All barefoot! In shorts! Totally hot!) It's Michelle Malkin, unplugged, unhinged, and unhappy with the envirokooks who got hoodwinked by the World Jump Day hoax. Malkin's a bit long in the tooth to take over the Debbie/Lisa/Elizabeth seat on The View, so I'm not sure this audition video will get her very far, but I'll bet you can't find half a dozen other immigrant-hating concentration camp lovers who look this well during a thighs-and-buns workout.