25 Years Ago in Reason


July 1981

"Hong Kong is an almost perfect example of the Laffer Curve in action—low tax rates generate high rates of real economic growth, leading to increased revenues which can be used for social welfare while maintaining low tax rates."

—Bruce Bartlett, "Supply-Side Success Stories"

"Advertising salesman Bob Lorsch is advocating the sale of Shuttle advertising space. Lorsch proposes to sell small plaques for $1 million apiece to some 50 companies, each bearing a 'tasteful' message that would be beamed back to earth for 30 seconds during future Shuttle flights."

—Robert Poole Jr. and Christine Dorffi, "Trends"

"Frosty Anderson, the director of the [Audubon Society] Sanctuaries Department…finds it 'ironic that the new administration has made a big issue of getting the government off our backs, but subsidized agriculture will probably be around for four more years at least, and it's ruining potentially productive land.'"

—John Baden and Richard Stroup, "Saving the Wilderness: A Radical Proposal"