Awww, Somebody Doesn't Like Getting Bombed?


Their sudden loss of faith in the Freedom Babes isn't the only disturbing trend in the glib pro-war punditsphere. Last year, novelist-turned-junk bond salesman Roger L. Simon was ecstatic about the shifting winds in Lebanon.

Beirut! Beirut! Beirut!

The biggest demonstration yet (800,000… a million who knows…) on the streets of Beirut—this time from the pro-democracy side. How thrilling it is to see this! Let's all pray (even we agnostics) for continued non-violence.

That was then. Now the buzz is off and Simon is exhorting Lebanon to shut up and take its bombing like a man.

They had a drastically unfinished [revolution] on which they had punked out in big ways. I know "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!" was a great rallying cry and the Cedar Revolution had plenty of democracy "babes;" but much as I love babes, that's only a small part of the story. Unfortunately some Lebanese (and their supporters) think revolution is all latte, chic chatter and art galleries.

Those same Lebanese are now blaming the Israelis because they (the Lebanese) left their rattle snake on the Israeli border. Talk about irresponsiblity and denial. This is the kind of thinking that guarantees lack of change and emotional development. The American supporters of these Lebanese bloggers are nothing more than enablers. One of these bloggers has now run off crying to Syria of all places. It would be comically absurd if it wasn't so sad.

Note to the Lebanese: If you want democracy, finish the job. Starbucks can come later, if you really think you need it.

What a terrific formulation for stateside supporters of The Global War on Terror. People in the war zone: Duck and cover and stop whining about it. People in front of their laptops: Clap louder.

Along the same lines, check out Hugh Hewitt launching a summer offensive against "the 180s," pundits who used to pound furiously at their keyboards in support of the war but now pound furiously against it, because "with less than 30 months to go in the Adminstration, it is time to start thinking about delivering the next president a country with a renewed commitment to the long war." Lebanese civilians: Expendable. Bloggers: Priceless.