Gillespie-Goldberg: And You Were There!


They came, they saw, they philosophised. Reason's Nick Gillespie faced off against National Review's Jonah Goldberg last night in an event sponsored by America's Future Foundation and held at the Heritage Foundation. Moderator Matthew Yglesias held the combatants apart at heated moments, as when Gillespie discoursed on the English-speaking skills of Queen Victoria or when Goldberg repeatedly denounced slavery. If you were there and blogged it, post a link in the comments. Until then, you can recreate the debate and aftermath with these photos—the latter ones from the after party at Lounge 201.

Reason Editor-in-Chief makes a point by handing out free copies of the magazine (and T-shirts!)

The audience laughs at another one of Gillespie's (Goldberg's? Yglesias's?) bon mots.

The Cato Institute's Ben Wyche V asks a pointed question.

Ronald Bailey fields questions on stem cell research (we're guessing).

Matthew Yglesias discusses conservatives' and libertarians' utter lack of ideas with Reason intern Macy Hanson.

Nick Gillespie gets Wonkette-worthy tips from Chris Lehmann and Alex Pareene.

Kerry Howley beats a hasty retreat from the clutches of paleocon blogger Michael Brendan Dougherty.

Julian Sanchez argues the finer points of "Battlestar Galactica" with Jonah Goldberg.