Don't Wanna March No More


Martin Kuz at the SF (San Francisco) Weekly asks an important question: Hey, do all of these left-wing protests ever solve anything? Ever? Colorful re-creations of the Bay Area's insane anti-everything marches are coupled with analysis of why said marches are so damn ineffective.

Some political analysts and longtime activists contend the dizzying number of rallies harms progressive efforts by fracturing public support amid a glut of competing interests. With more groups jostling for media attention, voters can grow weary of the scrum, as evinced by the meager turnout for last month's primary elections, slowing the pace of policy reform.

Kuz is no right-wing shill (note his reference to "President Bush's murky election victories"), either. A less sympathetic observer (like, I dunno, me) might see the analysis of hundreds/thousands of San Franciscans spinning themselves into obsolescense and say "at least they're not getting anything done." Someone needs to follow this up with a report on the city's endless, meaningless council resolutions.