"Nuclear" and Anthrax and Ricin, Oh My


Captain Ed likes to collect translated documents that supposedly prove the Iraqi WMD threat was real; Jon Henke pulls together a set of relevant links from the Cap'n on that topic in one place; Jim Henley (who has become one of the most impassioned, funniest, and most thorough antiwar and anti-intervention bloggers out there), at length and with great tenacity, perspicacity, and wit, looks and looks and looks, from "nuclear" to anthrax to ricin, and still can't see the unbridled menace. His conclusion to a long and worth-reading-in-full post:

The Captain Eds of the world spent late 2002 and early 2003 lampooning UNMOVIC and the IAEA and Hans Blix and Mohamed el-Baradei as buffoons for failing to find the "weapons of mass destruction" all over Iraq. Truth is, the objects of their scorn were far more right than they were. The sandstorm of funny paper they're whipping up now is just an attempt to hide the shame and the waste. Should the whirlwind settle, even they will see what the rest of the country has discerned: the lone and level sands stretching from here to there.