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According to James Bennet, blogging at The Atlantic, Colin Powell has suggested it's time to tell inmates at Gitmo: You may not get to go home, but you don't have to stay here.

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  1. The over/under before someone accuses Powell of being a shill for the Bush Administration is 11 minutes.

  2. the over wins…I’m in shock. “That’s So Raven” must be on.

  3. We need the room to relocate Katrina refugees.

  4. So, what, he’s begun paraphrasing “Hotel California”?

    Cab – we’ve counted yours as said accusation. So we came in on the under. Payoff is getting to be a part of a pyramid of meth lab suspects busted handing out religious materials at a greenpeace march sponsored by the publishers of the leather-bound version of “heather has two mommies” (the edition with the sweaty pillow fight scene on page 69).

  5. VM – Close, but I came in at exactly 11 minutes, so the money goes to the house. The payoff doesn’t sound half bad tho – you know, with all the drugs and chicks and leather and all. Next time I just may lose on purpose.

  6. I know who I don’t want to bomb my subway,
    I know who I don’t want to bomb my subway….

  7. Colin who? Oh you mean the former Secretary of State that went to the UN with a pack of lies, just to point out how the US military can be used against whoever we want, whenever we want, and we don’t actually need a reason. That Colin Powell?

    Yeah now that he’s a citizen I’m sure he’ll be much more influential.

  8. I used to do lights and sound for a top-40 rock and roll bar band in the mid-1980s. At the end of the last set the lights would come up, it would be last call and our lead singer would slur into the microphone, “It’s hotel-motel time! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”

  9. I think the offer was already made. Rumor has it that the three that hanged themselves were headed for Saudi Arabia.

    Maybe Gitmo is better than the alternatives.

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