Anarchy, State, and Nudetopia


As if the Kansas Libertarian Party doesn't have enough problems, they're getting squeezed for this?

TOPEKA—Kansas Libertarians were stopped from holding a fundraiser at a nudist camp in southwest Shawnee County when sheriff's deputies blocked people from entering.

Shawnee County deputies said they were merely enforcing a court order when they stopped people from accessing Lake Edun on Friday. Last year, Shawnee County District Judge Terry Bullock issued a court order banning "commercial or recreational activities" on the property unless the owners get a permit for such events—something the county refuses to provide.

But Rob Hodgkinson, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Kansas, said a political party fundraiser isn't a commercial activity. He also said the deputies suppressed party members' constitutional right to hold such an event on private property.

Party chairman argues that the scuttled fundraiser will cost the party funds it needed to make a serious showing this year; someone who knows more about Kansas than me could explain whether the hundreds of dollars raised from this fundraiser would outstrip the negative publicity in areas where KS Libertarians could actually compete. If you're feeling sympathetic, their website is here.