Of Course They Want Free Pie and Chips


Social Security reform has fallen far, far off the political radar. Gay people are trying to become monogamous, and Kim Jong Il is going to blow up America anyways, so who wants to waste time debating the future of entitlement spending? Fortunately like Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell fighting on against the invading Cubans, there are some reformers who refuse to give in.

S4, the leading force behind today's push for Social Security reform, has a sweet idea to communicate the essence of what is our great social net: free Snickers.

Students were drawn into the game by the prospect of winning a full-sized Snickers bar, but once they got to the front of the line and played an easy "drop the ball in the bucket" game, all they would get was a teeny-tiny mini Snickers bar. By the same time they registered their outrage, a deadpan epiphany hit: "We're getting screwed."

Affirmative Action bakesales may be high profile, but this bit of theatre actually makes a point.