Whose House? Cheney's House!


It's a long holiday weekend; millions of Americans are gathering to wave miniature flags and toast the founding fathers. What better way for the New York Times travel pages to celebrate than printing a feature on Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld's Maryland vacation homes? Some scenic photos, some trenchant commentary… some treason.

Liberal blogger and author Glenn Greenwald has amassed a trove of online comment from the right side of the web, scorching the Times for (says David Horowitz) "an apparent retaliation for criticism of its disclosure of classified intelligence to America's enemies."

As so often happens with these things, angry bloggers have struck back and posted the addresses and phone numbers of the Times' photogs. (No link.) Zero consideration is given to the fact that terrorists—like anyone else—can find detailed location info for anyone pretty easily. I spent a hearty 20 seconds finding the town and intersection on Google Maps. And if the terrorists really wanted to nail Cheney or Rumsfeld, they could buy them subscriptions to Reason.