John Mackey Confidential


In a supposed expose (sorry, no French accent today–this is America, after all, where we only speaka da English), an outfit called the Corporate Crime Reporter unwittingly offers up five more reasons to really dig Whole Foods honcho John Mackey (who Reason readers will remember from his great October debate on corporate social responsibility with Milton Friedman and T.J. Rodgers [go here for bios and pics]):

Most people who shop at Whole Foods are liberal yuppies.

They have enough money to spend $9 on a pound of cherries.

They believe that shopping for groceries at Whole Foods instead of Safeway or Food Lion or Giant or Wal-Mart is the politically correct thing to do.

They probably believe that the President and CEO of Whole Foods is a liberal like themselves.

They of course would be wrong.

John Mackey is instead a libertarian….

Mackey says that Milton Friedman is his hero.

He's a devotee of Ayn Rand.

He's opposed to national health insurance.

He's a union buster.

More negative love, including an attack on Mackey for endorsing the new book, Trapped: When Acting Ethically Is Against the Law, here.