Live Robot Sex Action!


A little birdy points to what s/he calls "advances in robot sex." It could also be called, "Why the Terrorists Hate Us, Chapter XXVII. But anyway you cut it, technology marches onward, if not necessarily upward. Snippets (and links to video) of transistor-melting antics:

The sexed robots are autonomous wheeled platforms fitted with nylon genital organs, respectively male and female. They are programmed to explore their environment, occasionally entering a "in heat" mode, where they will try and locate a partner in the same state. If a partner is located, the robots will attempt to mate.

More here.

Reasons to be cheerful: This technology was not sufficiently advanced when The Robotic Stooges roamed the Earth.

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  1. Query: Is it immoral for people to have sexual relations with robots? Robots, for the sake of discussion, that look human? If not here, what about in, say, Saudi Arabia? Could Fembots be the unexpected solution to religious warfare?

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  2. Great, now the Christian Cults are going to declare robots immoral, the robots are just going to want to fuck; a conflict that will eventually lead to the inevitable “Man v. Machine” epic battle.

    Thank for destroying humanity, Frenchman.

  3. Gives new meaning to the phrase “sex machine”.

  4. Anyone watch the video?

    The pre-sex phase, dubbed “SING” would be much more entertaining if the robots were loaded with MIDI versions of Issac Hayes songs.

    I would also like to point out how hard it is NOT to make a joke about Scientologists and robot sex.

  5. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Why the heck would a male robot ever not be ‘in heat’?

  6. Warren,

    Did you see how fat the feamle robot was? I would say the male’s “heat” phase is a lot closer to humans’ desperation instinct.

    And even after the sex, that bitch made him sleep alone…

  7. This is sort of a middle stage between the geeks in Wierd Science trying to create a woman on their Comodor 64 and the real live cyborg prostitutes of Blade Runner.

  8. Where did all these fucking robots come from!

  9. As Dr. Zachary Smith always said.
    “Fucking robot!”

  10. They are programmed to explore their environment, occasionally entering a “in heat” mode, where they will try and locate a partner in the same state.

    The big question, of course, is whether they always look for partners of the opposite gender.

  11. No, Larry A, it is unnatural for alternating current robots to plug into direct current robots.

  12. From now on the desire of males to put their dick into something warm will be referred to as The First Law of Robotics.

  13. How much for an oil job?

  14. How many more years before the male and female parts are just a little out of alignment?
    That accounts for half of the allure.
    (If memory serves.)

    And, may we begin referring to them as Bonobette and Bonobo?

    Where’s smacky?

  15. I am so very embarrassed to be the one to post this, but…

    It’s actually the Three Robonic Stooges, not the Three Robotic Stooges. Thanks a lot, by the way, for dredging up that bit of forgotten horror.

    Now I can’t stop thinking about it. And weeping.

  16. I thought it was the Three Robo-Ebonic Stooges.

  17. Long Live the Robonic Stooges!!!

  18. You know, I don’t want to turn this into a thread on robortion … but if robots are going to have sex, then we need to start thinking about when robotic life begins.

    1) Is it when the first two components are joined?

    2) Is it sometime later in the assembly process — perhaps when the memory chips are installed?

    3) Or is the completely assembled device somehow still not a “robot” until the owner actually takes it out of the box (as one poster suggested the other day WRT carbon-based lifeforms)?

    These are important questions that roboethicists should start thinking about now rather than later.

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