Lyndon LaRouche

You Can Run, but You Can't Hide…from LaRouche!


It was probably inevitable—the ugly foster children of the Democratic Party, the LaRouche cult, made their happy way into the conference and purloined the authors' table for a quick crazy session. Most attendees were wise enough to sidestep them, but since they left their "CHILDREN OF SATAN" flyers at home and brought the normal-looking copies of "Executive Intelligence Review," a few loiterers got sucked into their web.

"My god, these guys are everywhere," I said to a bookstand browser who I'd been talking with. "I wonder if conservatives have an equivalent who just shows up at their events are makes everyone feel uncomfortable."

"Libertarians?" he joked. In the future I'll leave all the soft pitches to Larry J. Schweiger.

Below is a picture of the LaRouchies, one of them seemingly ready to kick my ass. (He didn't.)