Mao Rolls Over in Mass Grave


Tensions between running dogs of capitalism and red guardians in China explode to the surface in a People's Daily (the central ruling party organ) commentary that analysts interpret as saying capitalist-leaning market reform is here to stay in China:

Tens of millions of Chinese, including farmers in rural areas, blue-collar workers in cities and the jobless, have become disaffected with reforms that have made millions rich. Nostalgia is widespread for the days of Chairman Mao Zedong when everyone was equally poor.

The [pro-market reform] commentary may not…completely silence leftist dissenters, who range from those who feel that the party's grip may be weakening to moderates concerned at corruption and the inequities created by a free-market economy….the commentator emphasised: "The glorious achievements in the past 28 years demonstrated that reform is the only road for China to achieve prosperity. Without reform China could not make further progress, nor could it keep the achievements that have been scored."

……the People's Daily message was unambivalent. "The urgency and complexity of reform calls for absolute determination to advance the reform."

Will the Chinese leftists give in and act according to the principles laid down? I'm certainly not enough of an old Peking hand to judge, but this is a semi-encouraging sign, though wrapped in bromides about keeping fealty to China's socialist heritage. Although China remains in the batting cage for those always looking for potential future enemies who the U.S. will have to take down hard, and is a villain for its economic growth leading to higher greenhouse gas emissions, a richer, more market-oriented China leading to a potential wealthier, healthier life for over a billion people is a Cultural Revolution worth cheering.