Games to Play with Drug Warriors


DARE's Parent News, an evergreen font of kiddie-threat fun, hips us to the choking epidemic:

The father of a Scarlet Oaks High School student said he wants other parents to be aware of a dangerous game some students are playing called the "choking game."

Sidney Hauser said his son, Christopher, 17, suffered vision problems and headaches after another student tried to choke him at school…. The school called the incident "horseplay" and said it was conducting a full investigation.

Sidney Hauser said he wants other parents to know that students are playing a game with potentially deadly consequences. "This is not a joke. I know they see it on TV, video games, sports," said Hauser. "This is something that could cause a permanent injury to somebody, and I don't think they realize it."

Choking: Just another tragic outgrowth of our poisonous media environment.