You Won't Have Bill Weld to Kick Around Anymore


The New York Times' Pat Healy is reporting that formjer Massachusetts Gov. William Weld will leave the New York governor's race at a press conference about an hour from now. Weld, famously pro-choice and libertarian, will endorse the dour pro-life former Assembly Leader John Faso. Both candidates trailed Democratic nominee Eliot Spitzer by huge margins—51 points over Weld, 47 points over Faso—but Weld alone was endorsed by the New York Libertarian party. Neither Weld nor the NYLP answered their phones when I called to ask if Weld will carry the Libertarian banner into the Fall.

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  1. Faso was *minority* leader in the assembly (Silver has been the leader with the Dem’s in charge.

    He’ll Lazio-out big time.

  2. Ballot Access News ( that Weld will not run as the Libertarian candidate in the general election.

    Honestly, it was politeness (or opportunism) that caused Weld to pledge he would run as the LP nominee even if he lost the Republican nomination. And it was politeness (or opportunism) that caused the New York LP leadership to accept Weld’s pledge to run.

  3. It’s all crap.

    May we please just start tasering the bastards now?

  4. While I halfway believe that Hillary Clinton has the Devil’s phone number, I’m really afraid that Spitzer is the fucking anti-Christ himself. He’s like some superevil Hamilton Burger who never loses.

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