Bill Weld

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just a Little Un-Weld


Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld's campaign for governor of New York may make the leap from "unlikely" to "quixotic" by the end of the day. Yesterday the Associated Press did a quick background check on Weld's running mate Chris Jacobs and discovered he'd donated $500 to Eliot Spitzer, the Lawsuit That Walks Like a Man, and the Democrat Weld is ostensibly running against. According to the New York Times, New York's GOP chairman is speaking to reporters an hour from now. The word is he'll ask Weld to quit the race in favor of John Faso, who won the party's nomination in an upset last week.

Reason has been tracking the Weld campaign for weeks. Jesse Walker and Brian Doherty speculated on and then analyzed Weld's winning of the Libertarian nomination for governor.

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  1. Considering the NY-GOP’s hard-on for getting Weld out of the race, and his own refusal to do so, anyone else suspect friendly fire for this one?

  2. I don’t pretend to know much about this, but why is this such a big deal? I’d think this be a good selling point that they aren’t party hacks.

  3. Yogi, you’re forgetting: party is everything, and the individual person and his/her positions are meaningless.

    The ugliness of “Faction” again rears its head…

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