Revealed: A New Cause of Global Warming


Howard "Extreme" Mortman runs some of the feedback to the Competitive Enterprise Institute's global warming ads:

Here are samples of some of the "fan" mail the CEI received:

"You sick lying soulless ignorant son's of bitch's! Selling out that kid in your commercials future for a few more dollars. You can expect an especially large amount of warming in your future…IN HELL!"

"This ad is so stupid as to be humorous. Had I not seen it on your website I would ahve thought it was produced by The Onion or the cast of Saturday Night Live. Will you next run ads saying the earth is flat? Please, keep running it!" [from an assistant District Attorney in Wisconsin]

"Just saw this. It is embarrassing. CEI's credibility is taking a big hit here. What's next: Your Friend Nicotine? Please remove me from your press lists." [from a reporter working for a major California newspaper]

"someone should put each and every one of you in an enclosed garage with the car running and see how much you love the air." [from a staffer working for a major national political party]

"You are conscious and wilful liars. The rest of the world sees what you are doing and will not forgive your greed. I invoke the law of three on you, as individuals and as an entity." [from an official in a foreign government]

Mortman concludes, "Forget about warming around the globe–let's worry about these folks getting hot under the collar!" Whole thing here.

Watch the ads here. Reason's Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey, the first Warren Brookes Fellow in Environmental Journalism at CEI, gave the ads–and Al Gore's docutrauma An Inconvenient Truth–two thumbs-down here.