Message to Dan Brown: Blasphemy Doesn't Pay


Writing in Human Events, intrepid journalist Mary Claire Kendall consults IMDb, sets up a Good Christian/Bad Christian smackdown, and finds conclusive proof of divine justince in Hollywood box office receipts:

Now, it's time to weigh the hype against the raw numbers.

The Da Vinci Code grossed a mere $102,481,037 (U.S.) its first week…

The Passion's first week U.S. take was $144.6 million–a figure all the more impressive considering that it cost less than one-fourth what The Code cost to make and significantly less to market…

But then Hollywood should know what Cecil B. DeMille, producer of The Ten Commandments, knew: Blasphemy doesn't pay.

Tim Cavanaugh explained why Jesus should thank Dan Brown earlier this month, and Jesse Walker explored the Da Vinci fan base here.