Phone Phollies


The Christian Science Monitor reports on a supposedly oncoming wave of lawsuits against phone companies for giving up private customer data to the NSA. Reportorial lacuna in this piece: except for an ACLU of Illinois suit against AT & T, the reference in the CSM piece to "From New York to Kentucky to Texas, lawyers specializing in class-action litigation are lining up to sue phone firms alleged to have handed over customer records to the National Security Agency without a court order" is not backed up with a single specific named lawyer, or even direct quote from one wishing to remain anonymous for now. The story is also filled with carefully worded denials from various phone companies. And warning for those suffering from certain allergies: this CSM story contains a quote from Studs Terkel.

Jeff A. Taylor told us last week here on Reason Online about phone companies' tendency to sell us all out. Visit the national ACLU's phone spying action page.