Into Africa with Nick Kristof


Journalism student Casey Parks has won a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accompany Nick Kristof" on his next trip to Africa. The attempt to sell TimesSelect "stir up a broader interest in the developing world among young people" should provide Kristof fans with at least a few more salacious descriptions of nubile young sex workers in need of Kristofian salvation. Parks snagged the top prize with lines like this:

"I want to learn by seeing. I feel deeply, and I know journalism. I'm strong, and have no need for 5-star hotels or other luxuries. In person, I'm charming and sweet and considerate, but still bold and fearless…

"I saw my mother skip meals. I saw my father pawn everything he loved. I saw our cars repossessed. I never saw France or London."

A grad student who has never summered in Europe?? That's just like being raised in Equatorial Guinea. At any rate, both should consult Granta's superb guide to writing about Africa before taking off.