British Libel Law Unbound: What does Elton get when he crosses a penis with a potato?



Is this a man who would behave like "old-fashioned royalty?" London's High Court didn't think so either, and has ordered the Daily Mail to pay Sir Elton John £100,000 in libel damages for portraying the flamboyant Lestat composer as a "tinpot dictator" in its articles "Senora Spice Goes Flamenco" and "Speak only when you're spoken to, Sir Elton tells his party guests." The judge in the case notes that when Sir Elton complained about the articles, the Mail immediately apologized to the litigious performer and made no effort to substantiate its claims. Says Rocketman's lawyer:

"The articles falsely alleged that Sir Elton had issued a bizarre and absurd edict to guests invited to his annual charity fundraising White Tie and Tiara summer ball ordering them not to approach him during that event, thereby acting like old-fashioned royalty or some tinpot dictator and exhibiting self-important, arrogant and rude behaviour bordering on paranoia," said Nigel Tait, a solicitor-advocate for the star.

"In fact, not only was no such edict issued at all, Sir Elton greets each guest as they arrive and is well-known for chatting to as many people as possible who attend the ball, not least to thank them for helping him with his fundraising efforts."

Having vanquished the counter-revolutionaries, Tinpot Dictator Elton now appears to be consolidating his power, openly calling for paparazzi to be shot.

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  1. The Bitch is back.

  2. Elton John is great on the piano, but he sucks on the organ.

  3. Hey Elton: You’re a douchebag!

    Try and sue me on this side of the pond for saying that.

  4. But you’ll never take our freeeeeeeeeddddddddooooommmm!

    Sometimes, it’s really cool being an American.

  5. Until I linked to the story about his telling paparazzi they should be shot, I didn’t realize Elton John bore such a resemblance to Alfred E. Neuman. What, me litigate?

  6. Considering the excesses of British libel law, this sounds pretty innocuous. How much more would his lawyers have to do in America in order to prove a case of libel?

  7. At least the image was informative as to where we got the term, “bigwig.”

  8. Whatever, anything like this is good as long as it uses up the space that would otherwise go to stupid news about George Michael.

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