Cavanaugh on the (XM) radio in about one minute


I'll be doing ten minutes on a radio show called FOX Across America with Spencer Hughes, described as "a daily trip from border-to-border and coast-to-coast exploring the major topics, newsmakers, personalities and everyday people, places and things that make this the greatest country in the world." Sounds like my kind of show.

Update: They want me to stay on a little longer, so go out and buy an XM radio right now or I'll denounce you like Howard Stern.

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  1. It is also on Sirius channel 145.

  2. Cavanaugh brought up reciprocity just now, but he pussed out and didn’t give the oral sex metaphor.

  3. I have XM; I recommend it highly.

  4. What a breath of fresh air that nice young fellow is! A self-proclaimed alternative to Rush Limbaugh… who posted a commentary to his website praising the actions of the four cops who shot Amadou Diallo 41 times at close range.

    Coming from a grumpy, middle-aged southerner, that might be a little creepy, but coming from a fresh-faced Bay Area lad as he? Why, it’s just adorable! And he calls himself a Gen-Xer, dotes on his kids and even drinks white wine, so he can’t be a xenophobic, hateful thug like those nasty old men who dominate talk radio!

    To be fair to the guy, it’s hard to get a real bead on him without hearing his show, and he did come down in favor of sending that Elian Gonzales kid back to Cuba.

    So? Was he receptive, or did he attack you for that pro-immigration piece you wrote?

  5. I thought he was pretty cool. He didn’t agree with the premise but he had many kind words for Reason, and he did an honest job of describing my article and letting me get into the details. If your Diallo story is true, that would be a disappointment, but since I have only built up about an hour’s worth of belief in the Spencer Hughes future, I’ll be able to take that hit and keep moving.

  6. Regarding the Howard Stern quote and link, I assume that you read the linked story and are therefore being facetious.

    Nevertheless, for those who only read the headline and did not follow the link, the quote is from an AP story in which the writer, quoting from an Entertainment Weekly interview of Stern, leaves out a particularly important bit:

    Does it bother you that most of your fans haven’t followed you to Sirius?

    I was just at my psychiatrist and I said, ”I just got great news: We hit the 4 million mark. And I’m angry. It should be 20 million.” It’s insulting to me that everyone hasn’t come with me. I take it personally. The competitive thing is a sickness that eats at me. I want to say to my audience in this article, ”F— you! You haven’t come with me yet? How dare you?” [Laughs] ”We’re up to wild, crazy stuff, the show has never sounded better. You cheap bastard!”

    The original Entertainment Weekly interview

    Simply an amazing example of shoddy journalism, and a sobering reminder of how even a small alteration in a quote can completely change the intended message of the speaker.

  7. Here Gustavo Arellano mentions editorial discussions with Matt Welch. I bet Matt really sent Gustavo through the wringer and Tim too.

    Good article TC.

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