Hated It!—except in Boulder


Boulder, CO approves $16,000 for a hate hotline that will allow residents (finally!) to log incidents of bias and "vent their frustrations." That sounds like a number you call to shout hate speech, not report it, but either way it's OK because everybody's hoping for the best: The City Council desires that the hotline will not be used in building criminal complaints, and Mayor Mark Ruzzin wishes that the hotline would become self-sustaining after six months. Rocky Mountain News reports that "several" residents believe the hotline will be valuable "in giving a voice to minorities who feel they don't have a voice now, and in showing that Boulder isn't the bias-free city that some people think it is."

Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi asks some questions:

There is, for instance, the policy statement condemning the usual individual or collective acts of racism and bigotry. Great. But it also condemns those who attack "personal beliefs and values."

"Well, for the ACLU, that goes over the line," Golden says. "You can object to free speech just because someone is a Republican or a Democrat."

What would happen to the bumper-sticker industry? …

Should everyone keep the hate-line number on their cellphone speed dial from now on? And remember, only call if your attacker uses racist or insensitive language while beating you to a pulp. After all, according to hate-law advocates, it's not genuine hate unless the perpetrator makes fun of your heritage.

Thanks to Dan Playstead for the tip.

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  1. From the article:

    “The vote late Tuesday makes Boulder the first city in the nation to authorize city funding for a broad- based hate hotline.”

    What a hateful way to say that women will be running the hotline.

  2. How is it going to “become self-sustaining?” Are they selling advertising on the outbound message or something?

    “Smith’s Gun Shop – don’t get mad at haters; get even!”

  3. There was a nice link in the first article about the new video game “Super Columbine Massacre RPG”.

  4. I HATE sloth bears. B-b-bastards!

  5. The line will be self-sustaining in that after ranting for a few moments about your perceived slight, you will automatically be transferred to a HOT party line where girls will soothe your jangled nerves for JUST .99 a minute!

    Everybody wins.

  6. Victim of a hate crime?

    MMMMMMmmmmmmm. Our hot party girls are just ACHING for your call!

    Tell us all about it, honey! We won’t judge you. The only color we care about is green! 99 cents a minute!

    MMMMmmmmmmm. Don’t just seethe. Give us a call. Our hot girls are waiting for YOU…

  7. I’ll make the first call. Remember when the NRA wanted to have a convention in Denver, and the mayor and city council ran them out of town?

  8. As a Denver Post subscriber, I can attest that David Harsanyi is pretty cool!

  9. As a former Coloradan, I miss the motherlode of uintentional comedy that is Boulder. “Welcome to Boulder: Please set your watch back to 1968.”

  10. Abuse? No, I came here for an argument.

  11. It would become self-sustaining if it helped the city levy fines against illegal discriminators. Apparently, however, the city council doesn’t want to use it that way.

  12. It will become self-sustaining in the same way that all government programs are. Who would want to kill a program designed to stamp out hate? You don’t really sympathize with all of those evil haters do you?

  13. Meh, it’s just easier to scream AT the dirty hippies than simply scream about them. Haha…man, this town cracks me up.

  14. Haha…man, this town cracks me up.

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