Bloggers Break Into Candidate's Home… Film at 11


The insufferable Sen. Joe Lieberman is trying to head off a challenge from Ned Lamont, a cable mogul who argues that the nation's #1 source of Joementum is too close to George W. Bush. His new TV ads feature what must be a first in American politics—a cameo by a popular blogger. His 60-second ad portrays the strangely William H. Macy-looking candidate sitting on his couch, explaining where he stands on the issues, until he's swarmed by a mob of excited volunteers, led by Markos "Daily Kos" Moulitsas.

A cynic could suggest this is a kitschy way of referencing Moultisas' own political manifesto. I humbly suggest that our democracy needs more homages to Twisted Sister videos, not less.