Vouchertown USA


Cory Booker—the subject of my article today— has been elected mayor of Newark, N.J. in a landslide with 72% of the vote, three times as much as Deputy Mayor Ronald L. Rice. The story is a little less clear for the rest of his ticket. Central ward candidate Dana Rone and east ward candidate Agustor Amado have won their seats, and Luis Quintana and Mildred Crump Carlos Gonzalez have won at-large seats. But Ras Baraka, who ran on the other slate, has won the third at-large seat, and there will be run-offs in the west and south wards. Booker and his school choice slate have won big, but it's not a landslide. They'll have to wait for June 13 to see if they have a 4-4 split or a 6-2 majority.