Goss'd Overboard


CIA Director Porter Goss quits, and Patrick Kennedy breathes the biggest sigh of relief a manic depressive Ambien-popper can muster. The Hotline (sarcastically) ponders a Goss for Senate campaign. (Goss, like Katherine Harris, is from Florida.) Josh Marshall says it's all about the hookers.

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  1. Hookergate is go!

  2. Back in 2000 I was part of a local round table discussion, A local player on the Dem scene once expressed surprise that I didn’t “Love” Clinton, since he interperted me as a “liberal”, but then a local Bush entusiast chirped up that I would be happier “once Bush wins”.

    I turned and said, “mark my words, you will be moaning for the days of Blowjobs and stains.

    And you too will miss the simple pleasures of Clintons corruption.”

    I think I’m going to send that particular Rethug an e-mail right now.

  3. You don’t leave as CIA Dirctor to run for the Senate.

  4. Mr. Weigel, I am a manic-depressive currently watching it devour my life after many years of being under control.

    I love this magazine/blog and I like the sense of humor it has. I also recognize that, while in an episode, I have a very hard time inferring the tone of a comment – particularly a written off-the-cuff one, which is always a bit of semi-reliable voodoo for anyone.

    Would you (or someone else) mind providing context to the “manic depressive Ambien popper” for those of us currently under the weather?

  5. It has been too damn long since a CIA director got canned over a hooker scandal, by God! (If only Tenet had been into the ladies of the evening, perhaps we would have been rid of him sooner – since massive operational failures clearly aren’t cause to resign any more… sigh.)

  6. It’s a republican conspiracy. They subsidize the pharmaceutical industry to keep the democrats in an inept stuppor.

  7. darkheart – I know in a previous story, there was mention of Patrick Kennedy’s depression. I didn’t see anything specifically about manic depression.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I was watching the news last night, and they kept talking about “prostitutes.” I assumed that they meant “Duke” Cunningham and any other Congressmen who might have been in attendance.


    I know this is a silly question, but if Kennedy Minor can’t handle the job, why doesn’t he RESIGN?

    silly question numero dos: How does that worthless dweeb get elected to Congress in the first place? I’m headed down to the courthouse first thing Monday morning to convert my moniker to “kennedy.” There’s gonna be some mightily surprised voters out there some day…..

  9. P Brooks Kennedy – remember to say “I will pursue my campaign with vigah!” while slurring a little and you’re set.

  10. Darkheart, the ambien popper comes from Kennedy’s excuse for his recent car accident, he was most likely drunk, but explained that he had been taking ambien and it inhibited his driving skills.
    Not sure about the manic depressive part, perhaps that is why he takes the ambien to help him sleep?

  11. I think P Brooks is on to something. Maybe all libertarians should change their last names to Kennedy. Either some of us will get elected or the name will become common enough that it will lose its power. Both would be good results.

  12. So how bad is Goss’s problem?

    Worse than crashing your car and going into rehab for a prescription drug addiction, apparently.

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